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Randomware Survival: Jigsaw

     Mathews IT Services has been involved with many cases of Ransomware. These type of infections are malicious in many ways. They encrypt your data, hold it hostage, and force you to pay for a private key that can decrypt your information. The best way to prevent this from taking place is to be informed and proactively manage your data. Let Mathews IT Services help secure your information from Jigsaw!

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Ransomware Information

How Dependency on Technology Affects the End User

          “Many consider that the focus on IT is undermining some of the work in which schools have traditionally engaged, such as creativity, caring, and physical activity…” (Weare, 2004). It is widely known that humans and technology go hand to hand with each other; as the species evolves, so does technology. The development of everything high-tech can only be met by the demand society places upon it. People become more dependent on the digital world every day; as technology is introduced to make life more, “user-friendly”, society has accepted integration with technology, relinquished physical control, and even suffer from measurable health concerns.

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Welcome to our new web design. We are in the process of tweaking everything. Keep check back for more details.

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